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Review: Savage Dragon #258

Savage Dragon #258

Savage Dragon #258 takes readers on “A Walk On The Wildside”. Amy Dragon sneaks off on an adventure with Walter, the talking tiger. Sadly, dinnertime is not the time for such actions and they find themselves in trouble (and snow) moment after moment.

To be honest, Savage Dragon #258 was a bit of a snoozer. Amy and Walter’s little adventure wasn’t that exciting. The most exciting part was the beginning where Malcolm was battling the God of Thunder. After that, it delved into something a lot more chill and peaceful which didn’t really resonate with me. Partly, I don’t get to read every issue of Savage Dragon that comes out. I do want to say that while the story wasn’t my cup ‘o tea, I think that it’s an impressive feat that series creator Erik Larsen can keep Savage Dragon in some oddball adventures like this one, which helps it be unique.

While I wasn’t blown away by the story, Larsen’s art is still something to behold and this issue had quite a few moments where I liked what I was seeing. The opening page was full-on Kirby (in a good way) and what followed was a very energetic two-page splash. Nikos Koutsis is a fantastic colorist for Larsen’s work and I thought that this issue showed that. I do feel like Larsen has gotten a bit loose with his pencils, as compared to how I think his older issues of Savage Dragon look but I do still think there are quality visuals in this issue. It’s good to know that I can still appreciate the art on a book like this, even if the story doesn’t click with me.

Story: Erik Larsen Art: Erik Larsen
Letterer: Ferran Delgado Colorist: Nikos Koutsis Flats: Mike Toris
Story: 5.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.0

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