Optimus, Transform, and Roll Out! Hasbro Reveals an Auto-Converting Optimus

Introducing an industry-first Auto-Converting, Interactive, Programmable, Voice Activated, Mobile Controlled – Optimus Prime Robot. In collaboration with Hasbro – Robosen brings your favorite Transformers hero, Optimus Prime, to life with a fully immersive experience through voice-activated actions, mobile app controls, and endless hours of creative and fun ways to program Optimus Prime to walk, punch, blast, drive, and convert at the swipe of your finger, or command of your voice! The world has never seen an easier way to convert and roll out!

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  • At an incredible 19″ tall when in robot mode, the TRANSFORMERS Autobot leader is awe-inspiring in size and capability.
  • Optimus Prime is equipped with 80 sound effects, voiced by the original voice of the Autobot leader, with genuine “converting” sounds, as you watch and interact with Optimus Prime.
  • Authentic G1 design with detailed emblems, chrome accents, and lighting throughout.  Built-in speakers and 2 microphones bring Optimus Prime to life!
  • Witness each punch, blast, breathe, and conversion, all done with seamless precision, right before your eyes. Enjoy the most amazing TRANSFORMERS experience the industry has ever interacted with.
  • Optimus Prime is built premium throughout, with the world’s most advanced collection of premium materials assembled together with over 5000 components, 60 microchips, and 27 servo motors making this a one-of-a-kind, Collector’s experience!
  • Turn on and ROLL OUT! Optimus Prime speeds away in truck mode via voice or app.  You can seamlessly control Optimus Prime in robot or truck mode via voice or mobile app commands.

PREMIUM PROTECTIVE TRAVEL CASE included with this Limited Collector’s Edition, it’s a premium protective foam travel case to keep Optimus Prime secure when storing or traveling with your robot. Includes Battle Axe and Blaster, as well as:  Charging Cable, Instruction Guide & Travel Case

MOBILE APP – available through Apple App Store & Android App Store – Search: ROBOSEN Optimus Prime

Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2000mAh)


With 25 voice activated commands, including “Roll Out”, “Convert” and “Attack!,” Optimus Prime comes to life like never before seen in an impressive and immersive one of a kind experience!  Easily convert between truck and robot mode with the sound of your voice or click on your screen.  

  • Incredible scale at 19” tall and amazing G1 detail throughout.
  • State of the art voice activated technology with 27 servo motors inside.
  • Never before seen auto-converting capabilities, bring Optimus Prime to life!
  • Program and customize your Optimus Prime with the mobile app (available at Apple and Android App Stores).


With a fully immersive experience never done before – Optimus Prime is built with the latest voice activated technologies and able to walk, talk, blast and convert at your command.  Or switch to App Mode, and control Optimus Prime with the on screen joystick, cycle through incredible preset ACTIONS or learn how to CREATE your own movements with our MISSIONS tutorial, and learn to move Optimus Prime, record movements and interact like never before!


Optimus Prime is built with an incredible amount of technology and industrial design – all with meticulous authenticity.  An impressive 5000 components, and 27 patented servo motors, help to achieve the one thing every collector has always wanted – auto-conversion!  This dream is finally realized by 60 microchips that speak to each joint, and fold, twist, and turn to deliver an awe inspiring ‘real life’ Optimus Prime experience.


Optimus Prime wouldn’t be complete without his genuine Blaster and Battle Axe.  Perfectly crafted to model the original G1 accessories, your Optimus Prime comes equipped and ready to stage an authentic battle sequence alongside the original voice and sound effects of the G1 TRANSFORMERS experience.

Check out all of the videos below for this amazing figure: