Early Review: Chasing the Dragon #2

Chasing the Dragon #2

Two escaped slaves must overcome their fears before attempting to cross a deadly acid lake. But they don’t have a moment to lose, with the kingdom’s most notorious slave hunter hot on their trail. Chasing the Dragon #2 delivers a familiar concept and creates tension in a bleak world.

On the run, Jyn and Andre must work together or risk being returned to their lives of slavery. Writer Denton J. Tipton opens the second chapter with some humor as well as tension. The two must first make it out of the castle and then across a deadly lake. The combination hearkens to classic fantasy quests.

It’s a smart second chapter to the story. The two fugitives must work together and get a sense of who each is. They each have their pasts and abilities and we get a better idea of how this duo will actually work together if they will at all. We’re introduced to each in this organic way.

It’s an interesting issue as Tipton mixes in humor with the rather dark visuals. It’s n unexpected addition to the story that will catch readers off guard. It might feel out of place but without its quirky moments Chasing the Dragon #2 would feel even more dour and morose.

Menton3‘s art is dark and gloomy delivering a fantasy world that feels ominous. The style brings with it a gloom that weighs heavy on the world as if each step for the characters is fraught with danger. There’s also some very unexpected moments with the art delivering frights that feel more like shadows haunting our duos steps than outright scares. The color choices too add to the haunting aspect of the comic that both creates a sickly palette at times but also a spotlight on what’s important.

Gilberto Lazcano‘s lettering also adds to the experience with what feels like a minimal take at times. The dialogue in some scenes is sparse and Lazcano places things in key locations to draw the eye as to what’s important. Like the art itself, the lettering in some ways adds to the overall setting creating the somewhat reserved, quiet, and gloomy nature of it all.

Chasing the Dragon #2 delivers an interesting second issue that feels like a standard chase. The “cop” looks for clues as to where his prey is heading while the prey must overcome numerous dangerous obstacles. The fact that Tipton delivers such humor in a rather tonally dark comic is interesting. We’re given some quirky aspects to mix things up. It’s a fantasy setting that those who enjoy the genre can dive in to.

Chasing the Dragon #2 comes to shelves on April 7 from Magma Comix.

Story: Denton J. Tipton Art: Menton3 Letterer: Gilberto Lazcano
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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