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TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E10 Into the White

Snowpiecer Season 2 "Into the White"

Snowpiercer delivers a tense second season finale with “Into the White“. With a season that has been filled with back-and-forth battles, this is an episode that will keep viewers guessing what will happen next.

Wilford has taken control of both trains but there’s a new revolution brewing. Layton and Ruth have received the message from Javier and with the help of Alex decide now’s the time to try to take back their train and rescue Melanie.

The plan is an interesting one. It shows that Layton is thinking beyond just taking back the train. They might be able to do that, waging another war for control and whoever is left standing wins. Instead, Layton is taking a psychological route. By rescuing Melanie, Layton’s forces put a dent into Wilford’s claims and create some hope on the train diminishing the need for his absolute control.

The episode also emphasizes what Layton has done. He’s brought together so many different aspects and groups of Snowpiercer. This is in contrast to Wilford who still rules as a one-man dictator. There is no dissent in his world, all he understands is brutal power and violence.

There’s an intelligence to the way Layton and his coalition goes about things in the episode. Wilford is a blunt intrument to Layton’s dance. There’s also a nice focus on the excess of Wilford and he truly is the “haves” versus the rest of the train and their have nots.

But what’s interesting is where the season ends.

Even with its down moment, “Into the White” delivers some hope. The episode doesn’t end the way that I expected and instead leaves so many questions as to where things might go to battle Wilford. The next steps are a difficult one and the next season should be a hell of a battle. We’ve seen how well Wilford adapts to what’s thrown at him but we’ve also seen how much Layton and his side stick to their beliefs.

“Into the White” delivers a tense hour of television. It’s an excellent finale for the season that captures what it’s been about. It also delivers so many moments that you have no idea what will happen next. Snowpiercer ends its second season on a high note. The third can’t come soon enough.

Overall Rating: 10

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