TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E8 The Eternal Engineer

Snowpiecer Season 2 "The Eternal Engineer"

Snowpiercer delivers a jaw-dropping episode that brings everything a head. Snowpiercer is seeing problems as water pressure has built up causing flooding throughout the train. Wilford is the cause behind the issues forcing Snowpiercer’s leadership to make tough decisions and call Wilford for help. “The Eternal Engineer” is a hell of an episode that had me gasping out loud multiple times.

With few episodes to go, the tension has been building through the season asking where loyalties lie between the two competing leadership factions.

The Breachmen have been murdered and the tensions have risen with Snowpiercer on the edge of another revolution. Wilford is behind it all manipulating the people of the train to distrust each other and long for order that only he can deliver. That includes outright sabotaging Snowpiercer.

This is another amazing episode full of hope and outright despair as everything plays out and we see who’s the better manipulator. Loyalties are laid out with some suprising declarations.

The episode gives two spotlights that are long overdue.

The train itself is center stage as it sees a massive mechanical failure. We learn more about the train as both factions must come together to resolve the issues. It’s a brilliant episode in that it uses the problems to push so many other plot threads ahead and delivering spotlight moments for so many characters. It’s really one that shows off the ensemble nature of the show. While it has two men clashing between leadership, there’s so many other interesting characters and we get to see them here. With one episode to go in the season, “The Eternal Engineer” really brings so many things together for the various characters on the train.

An example of this is Sam Roche, played by Mike O’Malley. He’s a character that has grown over the two seasons and this is his shining episode in multiple ways. Not only does he give a rousing speech about his thoughts concerning Layton but his story is one of ups and downs with an ending that had me almost in tears. Roche is the star of this episode really laying out what Layton and his faction are fighting for. It’s an inspiring speech that nails it all. It also makes events more tragic.

“The Eternal Engineer” is an amazing episode that will be hard to top in the upcoming finale. It’d be the perfect season finale honestly and I can’t believe there’s more in the season to come. This is an episode of highs and lows, full of tension and the highlight of the season so far.

Overall Rating: 10