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TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E6 Many Miles from Snowpiercer

Snowpiecer Season 2 "Many Miles from Snowpiercer"

Snowpiercer‘s sixth episode dives into the question as to what has happened to Melanie? The previous episode left things up in the air as to her success at reaching her destination. “Many Miles from Snowpiercer” is her tale as she’s alone in her mission. Alone with her imagination and memories.

The episode could easily have just focused on Melanie, Jennifer Connelly is talented enough to hold an episode on her own. No matter how boring that might be, a person and their thoughts. But instead, the episode dives into the “relationship” and history she has with Wilford, played by Sean Bean.

Bean’s Wilford acts as a taunt to Melanie as she not only is on a mission to gain data as to the planet’s future but also her dire situation for supplies.

What’s interesting is the episode dives into the history between the two. We get to see the spar as Wilford’s train is built. We get to see the philosophical difference between the two as Wilford focuses more on luxury after the apocalypse and Melanie focuses on the future of humanity. There’s a narcissistic god-like aspect to Wilford as he chooses the priorities and acts like Snowpiercer functions on his will alone.

“Many Miles from Snowpiercer” is Melanie coming to grips with her history both before the train’s launch and what was done on the train itself. With a limited amount of food, she’s forced to be creative and decide how far she’d go to feed herself, even cannabilism. It’s an interesting issue and reflects what Melanie put the talies through in their journey before the uprising.

The episode does an excellent job of bouncing between the past and present, while also looking towards the future.

“Many Miles from Snowpiercer” is an interesting episode that fleshes out some of the history of Snowpiercer. We see the tough and chaotic moments before the train’s launch and the outright abuses that were taken part in due to Wilford’s will. We see the death and lack of care for others. There’s a distinct line drawn between Melanie and Wilford and their empathy for others. It’s interesting compared to what we know of Melanie and her time on Snowpiercer.

The episode also looks towards the future as well. Melanie’s goal is to help map out the conditions of the world and see if the planet is healing. But, there’s something else discovered. In a world that we thought was destroyed there’s signs of life. Where there’s a will there’s a way it turns out. We get to see hope in the simplest of ways. It’s implications are major and show there’s a possibility of survival and some sort of normal life while the planet heals, they just need to look hard for it.

“Many Miles from Snowpiercer” is a hell of an episode that shows even in the bleakest of times, hope can be found. It also shows that the schism between Snowpiercer’s outlook and Wilford’s began well before the two trains met. The current situation is a long time coming and has been brewing for some time. It’s an episode that’s gripping to watch on it’s own and adds so much to the larger landscape of the world.

Overall Rating: 9.0