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Review: Devil’s Highway #5

Devils Highway #5

Game Of Thrones is one of those shows that hooks you almost right away. The show has a myriad of characters, which you can both relate to and be repulsed by. It shows the world in black and white, but also not everyone is completely evil. The show and the books also don’t mince words for those who are completely evil.

One of the most nefarious characters that have ever graced the screen was Ramsey Snow. He was the son of Lord Bolton, the same man who killed the matriarch of the Stark clan. His end in the series was one, though gruesome, felt righteous in its execution. In Devil’s Highway #5, Shannon gets to the root of it all.

We are taken back to Minneapolis, where Shannon and  Quentin are finding out from one of its victims just how these women get lured into this sinister chain. After all, she has been through, they take her back home to Illinois, and head to one of their main hubs, to stop another victim from being claimed for weird occultist rituals. Eventually, a firefight breaks out, leaving Quentin gravely injured, and Shannon killing the last ring leader, in the same way, he victimized all those women.  By the issue’s end, Shannon avenges her father, and though she thought she killed the last ring leader, she soon finds out it goes higher and more connected than she ever imagined.

Overall, Devil’s Highway #5 is a great issue where we see a hero end one evil and unearth another. The story by Benjamin Percy is incredible. The art by Brent Schoonover and Lee Loughridge is beyond belief. Altogether, the issue is immense, which gives some closure but opens new doors

Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Brent Schoonover and Lee Loughridge
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

AWA Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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