TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E4 A Single Trade

Snowpiecer Season 2 "A Single Trade"

Warning: “A Single Trade” features suicide and may be upsetting and triggering to some individuals.

Snowpiercer continues to shake things up in its second season. It has added layers and take the series beyond it’s simple class struggles. “A Single Trade” does all of that and more as the two trains come together for a celebration. The train is on schedule to make contact with Melanie through balloons and Andre has invited Wilford and some of his guests to celebrate the achievement.

“A Single Trade” continues the dance between the two trains as each attempts to gain an advantage over each other. Andre sees the event as a chance to possible turn a member of Wilford’s train. Wilford sees it as a chance to be proven right and to see hope dies. But, there’s so much more when it comes to Wilford in this episode.

We find out that Wilford has had a past relationship with Miss Audrey. He doesn’t just want “his train”, he want Audrey as well. In their past, Audrey was an escort and Wilford had paid for her services and apparently grew an attachment. As the episode progresses we get better understanding of that and we learn so much more about Wilford due to that.

In the second episode, we saw Wilford talk a member of his train into slitting his wrists killing himself. In this “A Single Trade” it’s revealed that he did the same with Audrey and she survived. It’s hinted at that Wilford is into serious masochistic things and his relationship and obsession with Audrey is destructive and even more abusive than initially hinted at. It also potentially gives Andre and Snowpiercer an advantage. The question is, will Andre take advantage of that hurting Audrey and forcing her to relive her trauma and put her in further danger.

The episode does so much more than that not only shaking some dynamics up on Snowpiercer, especially when it comes to the investigation over the attack but also introducing us to new members of Big Alice. It expands the cast in an organic way and makes all of those new characters important and key. Will any be turned. Will any of them do the turning? It’s an episode about relationships in numerous ways both real and fake.

“A Single Trade” is a fantastic episode. It not only gives us a well-choreographed dance between the two trains but it also builds tension. Will the contact be made with Melanie? Will Andre’s “hope” win out or will Wilford be right? There are so many small details to the episode that adds so much to the series and characters. This season continues to exceed the first by taking what worked and adding so many more aspects in a logical and organic way. Nothing feels forced, Snowpiercer continues a smooth ride along the track.

Overall Rating: 9.0

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