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Kingpin’s Masterplan is revealed in Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1

With twists and turns in every issue, Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man has become one of the most unpredictable books on stands today! And now, readers will finally witness Spidey’s long-awaited confrontation with Kingpin in an explosive new arc titled “King’s Ransom.” Kicking off next month in Amazing Spider-Man #61, “King’s Ransom” will be an arc so momentous, it will conclude in a special, giant-sized finale issue in May.

Find out Kingpin’s goal and how it violates all natural law. Learn more about the years’ old enmity between Tombstone and Robbie Robertson. And discover what’s next for the fan-favorite frenemy, Boomerang. All this and more as Spider-Man’s whole status quo is turned upside down in one explosive showdown! Don’t miss Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 by Nick Spencer and Rogê Antônio, with a cover by Mark Bagley when it arrives in May!

Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King's Ransom #1

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