TV Review: Snowpiercer S2E3 A Great Odyssey

Snowpiecer Season 2 "A Great Odyssey"

Snowpiercer‘s second season has changed up the dynamic a lot with the promise and hope that the world is warming. “A Great Odyssey” focuses on the next challenge, Melanie heading to the tracking station. It’s an interesting episode. You’d think the two trains might work together based on this glimmer of hope. But, reality has the leaders of the two trains still sizing each other up and attempting to gain some advantage.

The episode really gives the series a chance to examine Melanie and her daughter Alexandra’s relationship. Reunited after all this time, it looks like Melanie will be leaving her again, which is a very interesting direction to go and delivers a very human focus.

The episode also opens with a bit of a deeper look at Icy Bob and the “sacrifice” he has made. In an address by Wilford to his train, we see some of the experiments done to Bob and it’s presented in a way that it’s for the good of the people and train. It’s an interesting spin and we can see the propaganda that Wilford is shoveling to his own train. It also shows how sadistic he is.

The ties into some ways with what happened in the tail of Snowpiercer. There’s still the question as to who attacked and cut off the fingers of one of the individuals so that it looks like a “W”. Is this someone attempting to shake things up? Is this someone who really likes Wilford? It also could be something else completely. But, the latest revelation is another group within Snowpiercer and this one worships Wilford and is waiting for him. It’s an interesting new addition to the world of Snowpiercer.

But what really stands out about “A Great Odyssey” is its blunt reflection of our real world. At the heart of this season is a megalomaniac who is attempting to reject science to keep their control. It’s hard to not watch the show and think of current leaders who reject data on COVID, climate change, and a whole host of issues, just so that they can keep some control and enrich themselves.

The episode is an interesting one overall. It gives just the right amount of time to each of the many plot threads the second season has picked up. “A Great Odyssey” delivers some solid tension as the train itself is tested in its abilities. While not the strongest episode this season, it’s still an important one that helps drive the greater narrative.

Overall Rating: 9.0