The Electric Black is Going From Comic to Adult Cartoon TV Series

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings Inc. has announced that The Electric Black, created, written, and illustrated by Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall, is in development as a horror cartoon with producers Mike Griffin, Paul Young (Make Good Content), and James Fino from Starburns Industries Inc. 

The Electric Black is a cursed antique shop, appearing in any time or space, soliciting customers it hungers to corrupt or devour. The mysterious Julius Black is the store’s demonic proprietor. He, along with his psychopathic employees, regularly manipulate patrons for their own devious purposes. Inside this eerie emporium, all of the forbidden objects have secrets to unlock.  The poor souls that enter never leave without something. Its dark light will shine on macabre mysteries, grisly murders, and other frightful occurrences.

The Electric Black