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Review: Bass Reeves #2

Bass Reeves #2

There can never be sunshine with rain, as I used to hear my grandmother say. I never quite understood that as kid, even after she explained it to me. Life as a kid was always straightforward, and I never saw what the adults in my life had to deal with. As I am an adult and a parent now, I wished they shared with me more now of what they dealt with.

As we never wanted for anything, but my parents dealt with their own set of struggles, something they shielded us from. As their hearts and minds were in ensuring our future as I do now for my daughters. That struggle and the need to “just do” is what makes us who we are. The folks at Allegiance Arts explores the struggles our protagonist had in Bass Reeves #2.

We find Bass as he grows his legend all across the Oklahoma Territory, one outlaw at a time, as he shows that he is a man that suffers no fools. We are also taken to a Seminole village, where a bunch of prospectors attempt to take advantage of the native’s kindness, which is quickly extinguished by Bass, where he unearths an outlaw looking to make his mark. We also find Bass’s son, Benji, who without his guidance, becomes a bit of a problem for Bass’s wife., Nellie. By the issue’s end, his new antagonist, Yah Kee, who has just robbed a stage wagon, and looking to send a  message.

Overall, Bass Reeves #2 is a great second issue that humanizes this icon. The story by Kevin Grevioux is relatable. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, a story that grounds our character and further endears him to the reader.

Story: Kevin Grevioux Art: David Williams, Kelsey Shannon, Eric Weathers, Herman Octavio, and Chris Kindrick
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy