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Wonder Woman 1984 Lassoes the Top of the Box Office with a Post COVID Best Opening

Wonder Woman 1984

Despite polarizing reviews and simultaneous opening on HBO Max, Wonder Woman 1984 had a solid post-COVID debut with a reported $16.7 million from 2,100 theaters. That’s the second-best post-COVID opening behind Tenet‘s $20.2 million. The film has also earned a reported $68.3 million at the international box office delivering a worldwide opening of $85 million.

The original film opened in 2017 with with $103.3 million domestically and $228.2 million worldwide beating predictions then.

The current film has made Warner Bros. and AT&T happy as half of HBO Max’s retail subscribers viewing and millions more viewing it through cable or wireless access. The service has 12.6 million subscribers. The film “broke records and exceeded expectations” in its first 24 hours of service and it’s expected to continue to do so. The company has said it is fast-tracking a third film which is expected to have a traditional release.

In second place was another new film, News of the World. That opened with $2.4 million domestically. No international numbers have been released.

The Croods: A New Age dropped to third place earning an estimated $1.7 million domestically. The film has earned $30.3 million after five weeks. Over the week, the film added about $10.4 million internationally to bring that total to $67.9 million. Worldwide, the film has earned $98.3 million making it one of the top-earning films of the year.

Monster Hunter, last week’s top film, dropped to fourth with a drop of 48.9% and earning an estimated $1.1 million. The film has now earned $4.2 million domestically. No new numbers have been reported for international earnings and the film stands at $4.8 million for a worldwide total of $9 million.

Rounding out the top five was another new film, Promising Young Woman which earned an estimated $680,000. No international total is reported.

In comic movie news…

The Empty Man hung on at the box office with an estimated $3,000, an improvement over the past week. The film has now earned $2,995,403. Internationally, the film earned about $15,000 over the week to bring that total to $859,442. Worldwide, the film has earned $3,854,845.

The New Mutants also improved from the previous week with an estimated $3,000. The film has now earned $23.9 million domestically. Internationally, the film earned about $31,000 over the week to bring that total to $22,575,269. Worldwide, the film has earned $46,430,043.

Bowed by Wonder Woman 1984, the box office had an improved weekend with $24,185,695 from 34 films in 13,956 theaters. That’s well above last week’s $7.6 million from 38 films and 14,312 theaters. The average theater earned $1,732.99, well above last weekend’s $530.47. We’ll have an update on these numbers when the final box office tally has been released.

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