Review: Byte-Sized #1

Byte-Sized #1

An army base has had something break out. It disabled the vehicles so no one could follow. It hitched a ride through the snow to end up in the home of a family, hidden safely in its Christmas tree. It’s a robotic creature of sorts and it’s sights, whether friendly or not, are set on the family’s daughter.

The timing on this book is a bit perfect, as it’s set during Christmas and we’re a few weeks away. Byte-Sized #1 is that kind of book for those who want a holiday story that is a bit more kid-friendly. That said, I thought this book was a bit boring. Really, so much does not happen in this book. We don’t see the creature break out. We don’t see much of anything except glowing eyes and we get a reveal at the end. The most action is when the family dog chews up a sock. I think writer Cullen Bunn maybe took it a bit too easy with this one. Hey, I might not even be the targeted audience for this but I just didn’t dig it. It happens.

Nelson Blake II’s art is a bit basic. There’s not a lot of detail but he does a good job of telling a story. It certainly fits the tone of Byte-Sized #1 well and was probably my favorite part of this book. Snakebite Cortez’s colors are good but would be suited better with some art that was a bit more detailed.

Do you love stories where robotic creatures break free from the government stooges and eventually befriend some young child? I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re going with Byte-Sized. I get that there’s probably a lot of inspiration from the likes of Gremlins or Batteries Not Included but maybe I need more issues to get some enjoyment from Byte-Sized. Kudos to AWA Studios for continuing to do different material with everything. Their scope is so wide in what they put out that you are bound to find something you’ll like. It just might not be this.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Nelson Blake II
Color: Snakebite Cortez Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Story: 4.0 Art: 5.0 Overall: 4.5

AWA Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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