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Scout Comics Announces the Winners of the Script2Comic Contest


Winners of the inaugural Script2Comic contest have been chosen. The winning scripts will be made into comics and published by Scout Comics as well as put into development as a film or television series.
The prize winners will all receive special CGC Award Trophy slabs with Holofoil, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and White labels specially designed for the contest. The top prize winners will also receive a slabbed and CGC graded copy of their published comic when they are published.
Here is the complete list of winners:


The Vampire’s Babysitter by Heather Hale

A 134-year-old vampire, with the body of an 11-year-old girl forms an unlikely friendship with the awkward teenager she hires to be her babysitter.


Charm City by Josh Eiserike

A serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Baltimore — but what the police don’t know is all of the victims are witches, part of an underground secret society living among us for centuries. And when yet another body turns up, it falls on the victim’s sister– a witch who left the community years ago and hasn’t used magic since– to use her contacts as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun to unravel the mystery and catch the killer.


The West Moon Chronicle by Frank Kim

Shortly after moving to a small town in the pine forests of east Texas, a Korean immigrant and his grandson suffer a family tragedy and must grapple with the aftermath – all while dealing with a supernatural threat that emerges from the haunted woods near their home.


HEX by Joey Capuana

While investigating his ex-lover’s disappearance amidst a string of murders in Savannah’s gay community, a broken-hearted drag queen taps into the magic of his coven of queer witches only to uncover a powerful evil lurking closer than he ever imagined.


Vectors by Grant Fraggalosch & Timothy Bacon

A NASA capsule unexpectedly crashes back to Earth after having been presumed
lost in space over 40 years ago. But its sudden return raises more questions than answers when it’s revealed that its crew of three is not only still alive, but haven’t aged since their launch.


Santa Claus Incorporated by Arun Narayanan

Idealistic office assistant elf Lucy Goodshoe tries to bring the Christmas spirit back to the now-corporate world of the North Pole.

The books will printed by Comic Impressions and published by Scout Comics, one of the top indie comic publishers in North America, with hit series such as Stabbity Bunny, White Ash, The Mall, The Source, Long Lost and Solar Flare, many of which have been optioned for television.
The 2020 Script2Comic Contest was sponsored by Scout Comics, Motor Content, Armory Films, Thunder Comics, Comic Impressions and CGC. Jordan Moore from Motor Content will help coordinate production of all the comics and serve on the development team to transition the scripts to comics and film and television.
Judges for the contest included Elgin James, showrunner of Mayans MC; Josh McLaughlin, former President of Focus Features; Trevor Engelson, EP of “Snowfall” on FX; longtime CAA agent Jon Levin who is now head of film & TV at Fourward; Adhrucia Apana, EP of Tom Hardy starrer Capone; Pop Mhan, comic artist of Flash, Aquaman, and Shazam; and Lauren Vilchik, Producer of the horror franchise Cabin Fever.