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Review: Bass Reeves #1

Bass Reeves #1

As a fan of Watchmen, I was happy to see the TV show give the series its proper due. It was basically a sequel, which had all the characters we loved from the comic book series. What made the series really phenomenal is how the creators made it relevant to what our current climate is. It pushed to take apart America’s ills and everything that comes with the hate that gave birth to the country.

One of the elements added to the show, which I found exciting, was how they connected Bass Reeves to the story. As comic book and history buffs will tell you, he’s the inspiration behind The Lone Ranger. It’s sad to say, but very little has been written about this historical figure and his indelible mark on the Wild West. The folks at Allegiance Arts realized the void, and with the help of the creative world attempted to fix that gap with Bass Reeves #1.

We’re taken to the Indian Territory in 1865, where a tense standoff is taking place and where we meet Judge Parker, who has lost too many Marshalls to the outlaws in this area. We are then taken to the Louisiana territory where a band of outlaws is conjuring the legend of Bass Reeves, which meet sooner than any of them would even predict. Judge Parker soon hears about Bass and offers him a job, one that he turns down, as his family and his land are his priorities. By the issue’s end, he realizes the lawlessness that exists may soon come to his doorstep and he is the only one who can protect them all.

Overall, Bass Reeves #1 is an excellent debut issue that brings this important historical figure to life. The story by Kevin Grevioux is action-packed. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that gives readers, a different look at what made a hero in the Wild West.

Story: Kevin Grevioux Art: David Williams, Kelsey Shannon, Eric Weathers, Herman Octavio, and Chris Kindrick
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy