Savage Dragon Returns to TV with the Classic Cartoon on Peacock

Image Comics fans can now finally rewatch the cartoon adaptation of Image’s partner and CFO, Erik Larsen’s, long-running, iconic Savage Dragon series—now on Peacock TV. The new, free streaming service will bring USA Network’s interpretation of Malcolm to their screens once more and the show is available in its entirety now for fans to binge watch at their leisure.

The Savage Dragon TV show debuted in 1995 and ran for 26 episodes over two seasons. The series’ appearance on Peacock this Summer marked its first official release for home entertainment from NBC Universal—25 years after its pilot’s initial airdate.

The best way to experience Savage Dragon remains to read the original comic book series, which is one of the longest running and bestselling independent comic book series to date. It is available in single issue and trade paperback edition print formats and in digital editions.

Savage Dragon #254