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GlobalComix Announces Gold, a New Unlimited Digital Subscription that Directly Benefits What’s Read


GlobalComix is still a relatively new digital comics platform but they’re already looking at ways to shake up the space. Today, the platform announced GlobalComix GOLD, its new subscription program that costs $7.99 a month. This isn’t just a normal subscription, instead, its focused on creators and content providers with them receiving direct financial support for their work.

Unique to GlobalComix, the GOLD subscription model is an initiative designed to benefit creators and owners of content because each individual subscription’s revenue is only split amongst content owners the reader has actually consumed.

These creators can now expand beyond the “pay as you go” model where a reader has to make explicit purchase decisions for their consumption, lowering the barrier to entry for readers to get started through creators’ and publishers’ own promotional efforts.

GOLD provides full access to the GlobalComix digital library. With the ability to read their favorite stories, discover new comics, readers are treated to a new landscape of storytelling all for a simple monthly fee. Home to a host of independent comic creators and celebrated small and emerging publishers, the platform has already resonated with fans who are looking for more than just mainstream comic content.

And what a community it is. GlobalComix has curated some of the best storytellers in indie comics along with some of the finest up-and-coming publishers, offering readers an opportunity to dig in to comics from outside mainstream, with unlimited access to a wide variety of genres.

Contributions from indie stalwarts TPub, Wannabe Press, Arcana Comics, and Broken Icon Comics bring a healthy dose of cutting-edge sci-fi, action, horror and comedy titles, while Toadycat Manga and Dream Studios bring romance and manga content into the fold. Most notably, upstart publisher AWA Studios brings titles by celebrated creators such as J. Michael Straczynski, Michael Morici, Benjamin Percy, and Jason Starr.

Empowering the indie comics community is a top priority at GlobalComix, and their recently launched SUPERFAN program is the proof. SUPERFAN is a set of tools that extends beyond traditional paywalling of content, allowing creators to build much closer and engaged relationships with their hardcore fans. Creators receive 92-95% of each donation depending on their subscription tier (either free or paid), and have the tools to reward their supporters with “early access” to their new releases. GlobalComix will be adding additional perks for supporters in the near future where creators and publishers can share exclusive content with their superfan supporters, such as work-in-progress content, sketches, character illustrations, and more.

GlobalComix has plans to launch an additional set of tools in the future to help creators promote their campaigns and drive donations more effectively on other platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter.