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Review: Blake & Mortimer Vol. 9: The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent Part 1

Blake & Mortimer Vol. 9

India is one of those countries that is both revered and speculated. The British have been there for years to the point that one of the UK’s most popular food is Chicken Tikka Masala. My father was born and grew up in one of Britain’s colonies, I can see their influence everywhere when I go back. Even my Dad still talks about how you don’t need a passport to go from Trinidad to England.

From where it started to now what it is, has been a long journey between India and England. It has never been completely cordial, as much of the long seeded hate and discontent also has existed just as long. Can there ever be true harmony between the once colonized and the colonizer? In the ninth volume of Blake & Mortimer, our intrepid heroes solve a mystery while revisiting his past in India.

We’re taken to Simla, the former capital of British India, where a gathering of the Maharajas is taking place at the former Viceroy palace, where we meet a shadowy figure known as Emperor Ashoka. As we soon find out Blake and Mortimer has a long strange history within the country, as this was the place where they met. We soon find out that Mortimer had grown up there, even saving an Indian princess and he had encountered Ashoka once before, whose stance was against the British foreign occupation. Years later Ashoka has his agenda against Mortimer and enlists the duo’s favorite villain, Olrik into his scheme against our protagonists. That is just when Blake and Mortimer find out that Ashoka has a plot to use uranium to cause a major catastrophe which leads them to Brussels. By Blake & Mortimer Vol. 9’s end, an Indian Government agent joins their ranks, and our intrepid duo heads to South Afrika to reckon with Ashoka and Olrik.

Overall, the ninth volume of Blake & Mortimer is a gripping adventure that has the guys deal with the sins of colonization. The story by Yves Sente is exciting. The art by André Juillard is stirring. Altogether, an excellent globe trotting adventure..

Story: Yves Sente Art: André Juillard
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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