Review: Mythspace Volume 1


What I loved about the Predator series is how they played with the mysteries of Egypt. As we find out through the movies and comics is that the Predators have come to Earth throughout the centuries. One of those periods of time being Ancient Egypt. We find out in the Aliens Vs Predator, they are responsible for the pyramids being built.

The creators played with the fact that theorists have always wondered how such huge structures were so well constructed. One of those theories being aliens. The movie showed how the Predators were treated like gods. In the first volume of Mythspace, we dive into a world where the line between God and alien becomes paper-thin.

In “ Lift Off”, we meet Ambrosio, a young man being raised by his grandmother in the Philippines, whom he calls affectionately, “Lola”. As she spins tales of aliens, to entertain her “apo” (grandchild), as he would soon grow up to be a rebellious child, often making his Lola ashamed. Time passes and so does his Lola, as Ambrosio, now a teenager, must learn to live without her. Before he can find any solace he gets caught in the crossfire between a Kapres, and a Mananggal, a monster from Philippine folklore, where he would hit his head. When he succumbs, he finds himself on a spacecraft, headed to meet a royal, and at that moment, he realizes all those stories his grandmother told him, were all true. We are taken to Tereses Mor, where he and the horse creature are being offered as gifts to a monarch and also where he finds out that all these creatures he was thought to be monsters, were actually aliens like his Lola said but they are called different things in this outer space kingdom. Of course, Ambrosio would not take this sitting down and would soon find out the Kapre he met in the woods was trying to protect him from the space bounty hunters would take him instead. As he would find out his name, Jrakan FEL45038, who had protected the Philippines for 50 years and witnessed Ambrosio’s parents get abducted. Eventually, Jrakan and Ambrosio hatch a plan to escape this tyrant’s court t, taking one of the bounty hunters who was betrayed by her partner and the other ”offering” who came with him. As Ambrosio decides to go find his parents, he and the crew set off to find them once and for all. In the story, “Black Mark”, we meet Koi, a pilot who loses her family and whose death wish become too much to bear until she awakens an ancient evil. In “Devourers Of Light,” we dive into a world where the different aliens belong to warring clans, where a manipulated conflict allows the current ruler to grab more power. In “Uncommon Ground”, a search for a rare artifact leads one Kapre down a deadly road. In “Human”, we meet two star-crossed lovers who have been abducted by aliens to work mines, only becomes more complicated by hope. In “ Unfurling Of Wings”, a Mananggal and her friends capture a rare artifact, one that almost gets them killed.

Overall, an excellent graphic novel, which takes centuries-old myths and makes them anew for young readers. The story by Paolo Chikiamco is exciting and diverse. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, an excellent book that shows off the talents of some amazing creators that aren’t in the spotlight.

Story: Paolo Chikiamco
Art: Koi Carreon, Paul Quiroga, Jules Gregorio , Mico Dimagiba, Cristina Rose Chua,
and Borg Sinaban
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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