Review: The Devil’s Red Bride #1

The Devil’s Red Bride #1

From the start, The Devil’s Red Bride #1 is a visceral, bloody tale set of warfare most brutal. A clan at war with another. One warrior that sets its clan apart from the other. However, their lord who wears the Red Devil mask, is not the one leading them into battle. The flipside of this tale is Ketsuko, whose clan fell to the Red Devil many years ago, who now is on her own path for vengeance.

Samurai tales are right up my alley. I live on a steady diet of Akira Kurosawa movies and The Blind Swordsman and really, just about anything of the ilk. So for me, I tend to flock to comics that go down that very same road. From my own taste in this genre, I can say The Devil’s Red Bride #1 totally works, both in story and tone. I wish I was more of a scholar of 16th century Japanese history and assume this is the Edo period. For that, this type of samurai story feels like it has a lot of parallels in what I enjoy. Sebastian Girner, who wrote The Devil’s Red Bride, seems to have done his research and is able to channel a really good samurai/revenge story.

Artist John Bivens and colorist Iris Monahan deliver a beauty of a tale. The color palette works perfectly with the art. It’s a stylish book that feels respectful of the material. There are some absolutely killer pages here. The opening page feels like something from a traditional woodblock print. As the story progresses, there’s some great panel work and a bit of gore thrown in for good measure. As with many books, I wish there was a smidgen more detail thrown into the art but it’s a minor complaint here. I think this comic looks quite excellent.

Overall, I think that if your tastes are like mine, you grew up on samurai cinema or if you just want something totally different, The Devil’s Red Bride #1 offers all of that. I’m looking forward to where this story goes and one can hope it ends like so many samurai tales, with two opponents standing their ground and steel being swung all over the place. Recommended.

Story: Sebastian Girner Art: John Bivens
Color: Iris Monahan Letterer: Jeff Powell Designer: Tim Daniel
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read/Buy

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