Review: Hotell #3


The Old Guard has created a lot of chatter since it premiered. The film starring Charlize Theron offered a new take on the hitman genre. My first thought was that it may be another Wanted. Also based on a comic series, it turned out to be much more, as these particular hitmen are mostly immortal.

Just like the book, it got into the backstories of several important characters. We find out Charlize Theron’s character knew another immortal that got imprisoned underwater for the rest of her days. The mere thought of never being able to die and being held captive for the rest of your days is in effect hell on earth. In the third issue of Hotell, the Pierrot Courts have a guest who may not leave.

We are taken to the Pierre Courts Hotel, where we meet Kirsten Clements, who is driving in the rain to right to the Pierrot Courts. As we soon find out she is tracking the whereabouts of a woman who went missing at the hotel and never left. She soon has a nightmare where the victim finds her, which leaves her restless, and leads her down a tunnel where an ungodly discovery captures her. By the issue’s end, Kirsten realizes she now faces the same fate as the victim she came to look for.

Overall, a skin-crawling entry into an already spooky story. The story by John Lees is devastating. The art by the creative team of Dalibor Talajić, Lee Loughridge, and Sal Cipriano is stunning. Altogether, a story understands the power of the anthology.

Story: John Lees Art: Dalibor Talajić, Lee Loughridge, and Sal Cipriano
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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