V for Vendetta Pulled in China

V for Vendetta

Eight years ago, V for Vendetta aired uncensored in China shocking individuals and raising hopes that state censorship might be eased. The film never aired in theaters. Now, the film has been pulled from the country.

The Taiwan News is reporting that the film has been removed from Chinese video platforms due to “anti-government themes.” Chatter on Chinese social media has risen about the fact the film has been pulled but many of the comments have themselves been deleted.

In 2012, V for Vendetta aired on Channel 6 of China Central Television, a channel considered a “Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece.”

The film’s iconic Guy Fawkes mask has become a symbol of defiance in protests worldwide and was used in recent protests that took place in Hong Kong.

V for Vendetta follows the mysterious V as he takes on a fascist totalitarian government that has cracked down on numerous freedoms and manipulate media to keep their absolute rule.