Recap/Review: Umbrella Academy S2E7 “Olga for Oga”

At the end of the last episode of Umbrella Academy, Vanya had a heart to heart with Sissy and they decide to run but, Carl catches on, Daddy Hargreeves gives Five a theory as to how they can fix things right before he takes the Handler up on her offer to take out the board in exchange for her helping him get his family home and the remaining Swedes descend upon Elliot’s loft and torture him to death to find Diego. This time around Five goes toe to toe on an assassination mission to give the Handler full control, which we are sure is going to end up in a spectacular double-cross, Ben works on possessing Klaus and Vanya doesn’t want to leave without Harlan and Sissy.

That Fight Scene Though: Watching Five do a hatchet job and run through the board members while occasionally stopping to take drink is entertaining AF but, not as entertaining as watching the secretary try and come for him before he gets rid of the head of the board. It was quit, it was efficient and it reminded us what a little bad ass Five really is.


Brotherly Love: Watching Klaus try to stay awake so Ben can’t ghost jack his body is hilarious but, watching them argue is even more awesome. I loved the sweetness of the, lamenting over Dave and Jill, their respective unrequited loves, and when Klaus finally agrees to let Ben use his body to talk to Jill because he knows how it feels to have someone you are in love with and not be able to talk to them. It seems like Klaus is getting some clarity and empathy and Ben is finally going to get some connection.

The Devil’s In the Details: Well, the OG Handler kept her bargain with Five, after he killed the whole Commission Board, she gave him a time suitcase to get his family out of Dallas and 1963 BUT, the suitcase is only active for 90 minutes and he’s got to get all of his siblings together even though they all have their own agendas and are scattered through the city. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode MVP: Emmy Raver-Lampman‘s portrayal of Allison is pure fire. Because of Klaus’s eccentricity, Ben’s levelheadedness, Diego’s temper, Luther’s smugness and, Vanya’s brokenness Allison gets overlooked. Every episode she brings pure fire, compassion, and badassery but, it gets lost in the pure awesomeness of all of the other characters. This episode gave Allison a time to shine and shine she did. Her trying to keep a hold of something real or fighting the Swedes she was all fire all episode and as far as Emmy’s performance goes in making us feel connected and believing everything she was going through? Her name says everything I feel about her portrayal of Allison.

Oga for Oga: It’s Swedish for an eye for an eye and it’s an appropriate title for all of the carnage that the Academy and their Nemesis cause. Watching all of the time tricks and timeline changes go through, this show is the Butterfly Effect of Crank and there is always going to be a thing that causes the wings to just snap off. I liked all of the tender moments, doubts, fears, and feelings that come to a get pulled out on to the rug just to watch that same rug pulled from under us. The creative team is amazing at sucking us in and managing to keep the momentum going as the episodes progress, not just because we are in love with the characters but because they’ve created a world that feels so real we’re invested in how things turn out. We’re heading towards the final 3 episodes and I’m wondering how this is going to all wrap-up but, I’m also glued to the TV waiting to enjoy every last twist and turn that awaits me.