Review/Recap: Umbrella Academy S2E6 “A Light Supper”

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6

In episode six we see Allison land in the alley. She still can’t speak and she’s in a time where it wasn’t “good” to be a black person especially a woman. After seeing the “Whites only” sign she runs off disoriented and runs into a group of white men who hit on her, she attacks and ends up running from them, straight into a Black-owned salon. She still can’t talk but, she has a job and that’s where she meets Ray.

Team Zero: Diego and Luther fill Vanya in on the invite from dad and try as they try to figure out if it’s a trap. Ben confesses to Klaus in a roundabout way why he was itching to get back to San Francisco and they argue about how to best tell the cult what’s going on and he decides on telling them that he is a fraud but, it doesn’t go quite how he expects it to go. Allison gives Ray the rundown on her past and the future and he has lots of questions, starting with Barack Obama and the fact that there was a black man in the White House and be really wants her to prove it.

Dinner With Daddy: After all of the siblings receive the mysterious invitation from Daddy Hargreeves they find themselves accepting individually and showing up to meet him at the same time. The team reverts to their old roles in their dad’s presence and he is really mad that they keep calling him Dad because he doesn’t like kids.

Craziest Scene: Allison goes full revenge mode when she rumors the counter guy at the diner who threw hot coffee on her lap during the sit-in and called the cops, to keep pouring coffee while he burns his hand, scaring her husband and maybe giving him a better idea as to why she doesn’t use her power all the time and makes him question if she ever used it on him.

The Vibe: I know I’ve said this before but, I really enjoy watching Klaus and Ben’s interactions, it’s like he has a real-life conscience that can and will kick his ass. I also like watching Dave and Klaus reconnect when he shows up at the commune and they have a talk where Klaus tells him all the secrets he knows about him and tries again to talk him out of joining the army by showing him his dog tags, which Klaus has carried with him since his return to 2019. He finds out that him trying to stop him at the diner makes Dave sign up sooner and the heartbreak in Klaus’s eyes makes the scene cause full-on waterworks. If you thought that the last season of Umbrella Academy was trying to break your heart, you haven’t seen anything yet.