Recap/ Review: Umbrella Academy S2E5 “Valhalla”

Umbrella Academy Valhalla let’s loose a lot of surprises and explains a few of the academy’s feelings and actions that show themselves when Five first runs into them. We learn that in addition to not knowing if Allison survived he also had a rather gut-wrenching meet up when he sought out his dad upon arrival. The whole thing destroyed Luther’s already fragile existence. We also find out about the connection between Hargreeves, Pogo, and human Grace which is a bit heartbreak in its own right. Allison and Klaus bond over the good booze which Ben isn’t pleased about because he thought Allison would help sober him up. Vanya wakes up naked with her “gal pal” Sissy and nearly gets caught when her husband shows up home early and we find out that Harlan has some of Vanya’s power. While Five, Luther, and Diego have no idea how to deal with the big reveal that dad and his cabal are about to trigger doomsday and, this might call for a full family meeting, Lila has a family meeting of her own and her mom comes clean.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 5

The Gangs All Here: Five finally manages to gather all of his siblings in one place, Diego accepts Vanya’s apology and Allison is so happy to see Vanya, while still sans memory Vanya is just excited to have a sister and runs to her. They share the most love-filled, happy embrace before Klaus jumps in and after Luther sucker punches Five the three loved up siblings bolt for the salon to enjoy some family bonding time that ends in Vanya, Klaus and Allison twisting the night away. Since nobody knows he’s there but Klaus, Ben sits woefully alone in Elliot’s loft missing his siblings and happy to have seen their faces, even if they can’t see his.

Best Line: “He shanked you heart.” – Diego to Luther after hearing how his first meeting with Hargreeves went.

“My cult is gonna be so pissed. Ben! I told them we had until 2019.” – Klaus to his siblings upon learning that they brought the apocalypse with them to 1963

Heartbreak Hotel: Vanya confesses her feelings to Sissy because there are only six days left until the end of the world but, she refuses to leave with her. Klaus decides to confess to his followers while Allison tells Ray the truth about her and her family.

Those Triplets Though: The Swedes get a kill order from the commission for Diego and bury one of their brothers in a Viking funeral.

Overall: Another stellar episode that finishes out the first half of the season perfectly. One of the best things about it is that it was a full culmination of the first half of the season and was so well done that if they were to have left the season on the endnote they chose, it would have been one hell of a perfect cliffhanger that would have had us all clamoring for the next season. Luckily, we still have five episodes to go, and with the bar set so high, I hope it can do better than this episode when it comes time to bring us home in the end.