Recap/Review: Umbrella Academy S2E3 “ The Swedish Job”

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3 The Swedish Job

In The Umbrella AcademyThe Swedish Job” we find out how Klaus became a spiritual guru and acquired his mansion. After seeing one of his followers in jail while visiting her husband, Allison is able to track him down and they hug at not being the only one who landed in the 60s, using Ben to freak out the guard, he is able to get his brother-in-law released from jail. Vanya is chased into a cornfield by the three Commission assassins and without meaning to uses her power, sending a sound wave out that allows Number Five to find her and fill her in on what’s going on. Luther has his boss help him to track down Allison when he keeps imagining seeing her and can’t get her out of his mind. Diego is having his wound from his run-in with Big Daddy Hargreeves tended by Lila who followed him and Five and rescued him after he was stabbed.

Best Scene (s): Luther coming face to face with Allison’s husband Ray and finding out that she is married now. The intense exchange between the two of them is a little bit heartbreaking since Ray has no idea that the reason his wife looks up to the moon is that she misses Luther. He also introduces himself to Ray as her brother which is going to make things super awkward down the line.

Klaus finally tracking down Dave, his great love, at his pre-Army job at a hardware store and realizing that he’s why Klaus wanted to and needed to go to Dallas. It’s super sad that Klaus experience flashbacks to the war while he Dave mixes paint and knowing that Dave is going to die and he’s trying to save his life by stopping him from enlisting even though Dave has no idea who Klaus is because their relationship hasn’t happened yet.

Episode MVP: Ben. He’s been putting up with Klaus’s behavior and selfishness for a while now and he’s the only person who can give keep in check and focused. It was cute seeing him fall for one of Klaus’s devotees and even cuter watching him spook the guard to get his brother-in-law released from jail. It’s always entertaining to watch him be the counterpoint to Klaus’s impulsiveness and energy.

Overall Vibe: The episode wasn’t as intense as the last one but, it was somber, political, and beautiful. Watching all the heartbreak as Allison loses Ray because he sees her use her power as Klaus drags her away and Luther getting pummeled after figuring out what Allison has been up to and having his heartbroken. We also find out a killer secret about Lila and her connection to this whole mess that the Academy has gotten themselves into.