Collector’s Paradise Announces a “Signature Series”

Collector's Paradise Signature Series

Collector’s Paradise is known for its events. Last year they had over 50 signings between 3 locations. COVID changed everything. Large gatherings are not acceptable these days. With that challenge, the retailer had been trying to figure out how to bring creators to its customers. With some help by the amazing LA Creator community, the store is launching something really cool.


Any FIRST ISSUE that will be part of Collector’s Paradise Signature Series will come pre-signed by an amazing creator or two, free of charge for its customers, at all three locations. But that is NOT Signature Series.

Commit and pre-pay for a complete mini-series and ALL ISSUES will come signed, plus you will get a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY issued by Collector’s Paradise.

The first book in the Signature Series is My Little Pony/Transformers by the most famous MLP artist ever, Tony Fleecs. Pre-order the My Little Pony/Transformers #1-4 Signature Series to be picked up at one of the locations or shipped to your door.