Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E10 “The White Violin”

After Vanya’s cataclysmic escape from the cage in the secret bunker under Hargreeves manor, Violin shows us a peek at Papa Hargreeve’s past on what appears to be a distant world and his appearance on earth in an attempt to start a new life after the loss of his great love. He buys an abandoned umbrella business, hence the academy name and while this flashback leaves more questions than answers, we get snapped back to the present and Vanya’s escape. As Vanya walks through the house destroying the scene of every slight she’s experienced since childhood, the house comes caving down behind her and her siblings try and escape. Ben getting more and more “real” saves Diego from a cave in and when Pogo tries to talk her down from her anger and tell her it wasn’t her sibling’s fault, Pogo admits that he knew and Vanya turns her sadness away from her siblings and kills him for his complicity but, her rampage causes an unintended causality when the house comes down Mom was still inside. Five comes back and lets the rest of the siblings know that the apocalypse is still on and Harold was just the fuse, Vanya is the bomb.


The Commission meeting with Cha-Cha and Hazel is in full swing and they find out that the message to terminate each other came from Five and not the Commission. After realizing they were all duped the Commission allows them to live, Hazel can retire with the waitress in the time period of their choosing, Cha-Cha gets a new partner and can keep her job and, all they have to do is protect Vanya and let the apocalypse go down.

Vanya heads to give the concert to end the world while the siblings gather and figure out what to do about Vanya at a bowling alley. Allison, Diego, and Klaus still want to save her but, Luther and Five want to kill her. Klaus tried again to tell his siblings about his new power but, no one believes him and think he’s just being an attention addict. While the siblings bicker, Five gets a message and realizes that the Commission tagged him and that they’ve found them and the apocalypse is still a go.

Hazel and Cha-Cha have a heart to heart and Hazel doesn’t believe that the Commission will hold up their end of the deal and that they will be double-crossed. We discover that the only nice thing the dad ever did was give her his old violin and let her learn to play and it’s ironic that that instrument is what’s going to bring about the end of the world. Back at the bowling alley, Allison makes a goodbye call to her daughter using Luther as her voice and Vanya gets off of the bus at the concert hall. Hazel still not trusting the Commission leaves Hazel for dead after causing an accident that throws her through the windshield of the car and the rest of the Academy sans Five goes toe to toe with time assassins who want to stop them from ending the apocalypse. Five goes to meet with the commissioner who’s holding the waitress hostage as leverage. After realizing the commission lured him there to kill his siblings so they couldn’t get to Vanya he jumps back to help his family and save the world.

After the siblings escape they arrive at the concert hall and everyone but Luther wants to try and save her but, Luther just wants Allison to distract Vanya so they can kill her. Hazel returns to save the waitress and after killing the commissioner he frees his love, who is okay with him having a past. While Vanya plays her Apocalypse Suite Allison looks at her lovingly and the boys use that moment to attack causing Vanya to use her powers to fling them across the stage. While the crowd flees and the time assassins arrive to kill them they come up with a plan to separate Vanya from her violin. Klaus is outside getting food and Ben talks him in to joining their siblings, just as Five shows up and Cha Cha comes in.

We finally get to see Klaus at full power as he projects Ben back into existence to kill all of the remaining assassins and saving the day and Diego attacks Cha Cha for killing his love but, doesn’t kill her because his ex wouldn’t have wanted that. The guys want to stop Vanya but, Allison is not on board with any attack that will hurt her sister. As Vanya reaches full White Violin status, the guy’s attack and she catches them mid-air, leaving Allison to come up behind her and shoot next to her ear so that she loses her concentration, which CAUSES THE FRIGGIN APOCALYPSE because her beam of power goes straight into the moon blowing it up!

As the siblings cradle their fallen but, alive sister, Klaus notices the moon falling and they decide the best way to save the world is to jump back in time as a family, they all link hands and bring Vanya along for the time jump ride to save their family AND the world. Hazel and his love share one last kiss as the moon falls and a blue flash have us wondering if Five took them with the Academy since everyone else was engulfed in red flames.

And, that’s where we end off in the first season of Umbrella Academy, sitting around with questions and waiting for July 31st to happen and I can’t wait especially after seeing the trailer. See you back here this weekend with my random thoughts and geek girl musings after Season 2 drops!