Recap/Review: The Umbrella Academy S2E1 “Right Back Where We Started”

Right Back Where We Started: The Umbrella Academy‘s second season picks up after Number Five and the family bands epic time jump to save Vanya and the world from the apocalypse. We find our favorite super-powered siblings in 1963 Dallas and while the gang’s all there, they’re separated and have made do with the lives they were forced to settle into to stay alive.

The Gang’s All Here: Klaus and Ben managed to land together in an alley in Dallas and realize that they’re in 1960. Allison shows up in the same alley in 1961 and walks to a dinner that’s whites only. Luther lands on a mattress in 1962 screaming for his siblings and Allison. Diego superhero lands in 1963 and hears a cry help so he does what he does best. Vanya arrives a month after Diego in all white and gets hit by a car stumbling out of the alley. Number Five shows up a month after Vanya to the Soviets attacking the US and the middle of a war zone.

The New Guys: With ten days til the apocalypse, Five notices a fancy roof set up and traces it to the source, a conspiracy theorist who has been tracking the blue lights and the “aliens” who arrived. He has pics of the siblings and knows what happened to Diego. The conspiracy buffs name is Elliot and I feel like he’s going to be a big part of the season.

What They’ve Been Up To: Diego is in a mental hospital because no one believes that he has to be a hero and that he’s from the future and he has a hero complex. He knows that Kennedy is alive and he wants to stop the assassination so he sets out to kill Lee Harvey Oswald but, no one believes him and it’s making him crazy. Oh, yeah and he really wants to kill Hitler after he saves Kennedy. Vanya has a job as a nanny for the couple that hit her with the car and she doesn’t have any of her memories. Klaus and Ben are headed back to Dallas after spending time in San Francisco where Klaus was a cult leader, they end up at a bar where Klaus steals a pickup truck after losing a poker game. Allison is married to a civil rights activist and knowing what she knows about the future. She’s still lamenting the loss of Luther and her other siblings and stares at the moon every night. Luther is using his super strength as an underground fighter for a very shady individual and he’s jaded AF, to the point where he doesn’t care that the world is ending in ten days.

Season Two Mission Statement: Old Hazel takes Five back to ten days before the current version of the nuclear apocalypse happens in an attempt to stop it and correct the timeline.

The Villains: While Hazel sits at the bus stop with Five three blonde dudes get off a bus and open fire with machine guns, killing Hazel and sending Five on the run to the top of a building. (Side Note, I totally called it when I saw the blue light in the season finale, he did get to time travel with them. His wife died of cancer after they got to spend 20 beautiful years together.) The Commission is gone.

Episode MVP: Allison because, that racist Mr. Mason deserved every bit of pain that she caused and I know that that momentary satisfaction is going to lead to severe consequences because of the time that they are living in but, I’m always down with racists getting some sense knocked into them.

Best Scene: I am all the way here for the scene after their landings where we see how they fight together in Dallas during the war that never was. There was something truly awesome about watching Vanya blowing up nukes with her power, clearly now under control, Klaus in his finest Russell Brand form, commanding an army of ghost soldiers, Luther leaping small buildings on Main Street in a single bound to defect fire, Allison rumoring the enemies into blowing their minds, Diego channeling the Winter Soldier and kicking all the ass before a mysterious man tells him to “if you want to live, come with me.” and after asking about what’ll happen to his family, goes with him somewhere in the timeline because a Mystery Man (aka a super old and gray Hazel) “You can’t save them if you’re dead.” as nukes head straight for them, is the kind of logic even stubborn Number Five can’t argue with.

Overall: The second season of Umbrella Academy starts off with a somber tone, there are still moments of levity and it’s still super fun but, it’s very heavy. Since it’s set in the past and we all know how crazy the 60s were we watch with the knowledge of all of the other wrongs they could help correct and of how they know all the bad that’s coming. I was a little sad that Klaus didn’t bump into Dave before the war and warn him but, there are still nine episodes to go and I have all the hope for true love. Since Allison is married now, I wonder how that’ll go over when she and Luther finally meet back up or if they’re going to fridge the husband to move the story along and give Allison a larger purpose. The new villains are scary AF and they’re after all of the Academy members except they don’t know they’re in danger. The music that they play with the scenes is still perfect and just as memorable as the scenes themselves. I like that they mix in the reality of the time people are nostalgic about the racism, homophobia, and sexism that were in full effect during the time. As usual, the creative team behind Umbrella Academy created another banger of an episode and it’s a super tough act to follow and I hope that means that it only goes uphill from here.

Personal Recommendation: Watch it! Why are you still reading this? Get to a TV, log into Netflix, and get your binge on!

Rating: 9.8