ComiXology Delivers a Trio of New DIgital Comic Releases

There’s three new digital comic releases so far today on comiXology. The trio of comics are from DC Comics and Harlequin delivering new Harley Quinn and new romance manga. Check out all three here or the individual issues below.

The Sheikh And The Virgin

Written by Kim Lawrence
Art by Kuremi Hazama

I can’t believe I fell for him at first sight! One day, Beatrice is saved from a mugging by a handsome man who exudes a refined aura that makes her heart pound. She is surprised to learn that the man is Tariq, the crown prince of the kingdom of Zaharat! Beatrice stumbles over her thank-you as her heart races, but her words are met with a cold response. “I need you to break up with my younger brother Hareed immediately,” he says while offering her a fat check. He’s mistaken Beatrice for the awful woman who’s tricking his younger brother!

The Sheikh And The Virgin

Under The Millionaire’s Influence

Written by Catherine Mann
Art by Yuki Shiomiya

Starr, a foster child since she was ten, fell in love with David, the handsome noble next door. In high school, they repeatedly met in secret to avoid his mother, who was prejudiced against Starr because of her lower class. They broke up when David left for university, knowing it couldn’t last between them. Their worlds were just too different. Ten years later, Starr has never been able to get over him. When David reappears in town, Starr vows that she’ll finally put an end to her love for him, but then he convinces her to take a trip with him…

Under The Millionaire's Influence

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #6

Written by Katana Collins
Pencils Matteo Scalera
Inks Matteo Scalera
Colored by Matteo Scalera

“Black, White Knight, and Red”
From the pages of Sean Murphy’s BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, a sneak peek at the upcoming spinoff series BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS HARLEY QUINN! Harley looks back on the night of her first arrest by Batman. In the heat of one of her earliest escapades with the Joker, Harley’s high spirits are tanked and she gets a cold glimpse of the chaos to come when violence escalates and their heist is crashed by Batman and Robin. Forced to save face or take the high road, Harley makes a choice that will cement her unspoken bond with Batman for years to come.

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #6

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