McFarlane Toys Reveals New DC Multiverse Figures

This past week at the first-ever McFarlane Con numerous new DC Comics figures were been announced. Ranging from designs of recent comic stories, games, and animation, the full range of the DC Multiverse can be seen in these upcoming waves.

So, lets get into some of the exciting announcements from the con starting with our latest Multiverse Build a fig wave based on the Dark Knights: Metal characters.

Kicking things off is the truly villainous figure in The Batman Who Laughs. A version of the Dark Knight that has been infected with the Jokers toxin becoming a hybrid of the hero and villain. He is one of the first figures coming from the Dark Knights: Metals storyline and features Sky Tyrant wings making him just as much of a threat in the air as he is on land. The Batman Who Laughs is not alone though with him he brings a pack of Jokerized Robins to support him. Each of these Robin figures will come with one of three head sculpts giving a different twisted expression and if you collect them all you will be able to assemble another ally of The Batman Who Laughs: The Merciless. As part of McFarlane’s latest Multiverse build a fig, pieces of the Merciless will be included in each figure in this wave. Here to stop these villains is the world’s finest heroes Batman and Superman. This Superman has infected himself with the Joker toxin bringing about that wicked grin, and he of course is working with the Dark Knight. All of the figures in this wave will be available in the Fall of 2020!

Also coming in Fall of 2020 is McFarlane’s next wave of DC figures. This wave includes Azrael sporting his new Batman armor from Batman: Curse of the White Knight. The Clown Prince of Crime and the Scarlet Speedster also make an appearance with The Joker’s and The Flash’s classic looks from the DC Rebirth. And to round out this new wave is Cyborg from the Teen Titans animated series.

Next up from the Batman Arkham game series are two figures. Deathstroke is back to take on Batman in his Arkham origin look. This next figure is from Batman Arkham Knight and sees the Dark Knight don a more armored look ready to take on any threat. Both of these figures will be available in the Fall of 2020.

At the con McFarlane Toys also announced two new multi-packs coming out soon. The first features The Flash taking on the Red Death. The next is a battle of Robins as we see two of Batman’s former sidekicks, Nightwing and the Red Hood battle it out.

Finally, McFarlane Toys brings the Flashpoint Batman an alternate universe version of the caped crusader that is actually Thomas Wayne as opposed to his son Bruce Wayne.