This October sees Eric Powell’s The Lords of Misery

Eric Powell has revealed the much anticipated The Lords of Misery will be out this October from Albatross Funnybooks.

A spinoff from The Goon, the graphic novella bridges the gap between “Once Upon a Hard Time” and “A Ragged Return to Lonely Street.”

The Lords of Misery is a stand alone story and reveals the Goon’s adventure he found himself entangled in after he departed the Nameless Town.

The Lords of Misery… a mysterious organization made up (unwillingly) by history’s most notorious dregs. Through the ages they have battled an enigmatic and unstoppable force. A being whose evil makes the Lord’s crimes look downright petty in comparison. Always it returns after a long hibernation. And always the Lords have died trying to thwart it. But if generations of Lords haven’t been able to stop it, what chance does the Goon and this current incarnation have?

The Lords of Misery