Preview: Dotty’s Inferno by Bob Fingerman

Dotty’s Inferno by Bob Fingerman


As the goggle-eyed philosophical Frenchman once wrote, “Hell is other people.” Meet Dotty. In life, she was a call girl. In death, she’s been damned to work in Hell’s Inhuman Resources department, New Male Arrivals Division, assigning wayward souls their crummy afterlives. For eternity. All the same, Dotty spends more time away from her desk on odd jobs and adventures, be they fetching Cerberus from Hell’s dog pound to licking psychotropic toads’ heads and tripping ballz. Forever is a long time, so one might as well make the best of a hellish situation. From the pages of Heavy Metal and Soft Wood, with five never-before-seen stories, Dotty’s Inferno is a roasty romp by Mad Magazine contributor and Minimum Wage creator Bob Fingerman.

Dotty’s Inferno Bonus Material: Pinups by Comics Legends!
Also included in Dotty’s Inferno is a bonus gallery featuring “pin-ups” by John Cebollero, Howard Chaykin, Dave Johnson, Mike Mignola, Dan Panosian, and Bill Sienkiewicz!

Dotty's Inferno by Bob Fingerman