TV Review: Snowpiercer S1E10 994 Cars Long


“It’s a brand new revolution.”

The revolution is over or has it just begun? The rebels have taken Snowpiercer and the question is, where does it roll from here? The order has been shaken and systems have been brought down leaving a vacuum to be filled.

The finale to the first season of Snowpiercer examines and attempts to answer these questions. Andre Layton is sort of in charge and we’re shown the type of man he is. It’s in stark contrast of what was happening in the previous episode as individuals jockeyed for power. Instead Layton has decided to rely on the leaders of each group, guild, and section in hopes of building a leadership council to guide the train in a new direction.

We also see what happens with a gap of leadership. Some individuals have created fifedoms taking over the space made by the first and second class passengers who were left to freeze in the previous episode.

Wha’s intriguing is some of the small details. Layton for example has washed up and still has blood on his head and wounds not covered. There’s also wording that’s used like Melanie describing her taking of the train as piracy which reflects on the tailies taking over.

But, the episode really brings things to a head with a surprise direction and unexpected turn at about the half way point. It’s difficult to describe the moment without spoiling the surprise and the excitement of it is about the discovery and sequence. It’s a “holy shit” sequence of events that shakes things up on multiple levels and for those who enjoy the comics and property as a whole is a direction that is both surprising and not.

The sequence events highlight Layton’s leadership as well, there’s tense moments. Between Melanie and Layton, the episode feels like it’s not putting fate in a higher power but in oneself and the others around you. It’s rejecting the god-like omniponence of Wilford for whom the train passengers should be greatful. Instead it’s about working on the future together, taking their fate into their own hands.

The season finale is a rejection of the past in many ways and what sort of future the train, and its passengers, can bring. With a hell of an ending and a nice reflection of the series beginning, this is a finale that really brings the series together in so many ways and opens up a world of possibilities not just for the television series but the property as a whole.

The first season was slow but as a whole, it’s strong than its individual parts. Much like Snowpiercer itself.

Overall Rating: 8.5