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Review: Warrior Nun S1E8 “Proverbs 14:1”

I don’t know how y’all are feeling after the end of episode seven but, holy smokes Lilith is back and has a red, fiery, hellfire glow! So, now I’m here watching episode 8 trying to figure out what’s going to happen next since no one in this show wants to stay dead and we still don’t know all the secrets that Sister Shannon uncovered that were so powerful that she was killed for it!


The Gangs All Here: Having made it out of the Cradle and on the run from the Cardinal, Sister Camila, Beatrice and Mary along with Ava and Father Vincent are on a mission, from God (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to save the world from demons and the Cardinal.

History Lesson: Adrial’s tomb holds his remains which is what the Cardinal is after so he can make himself the Lord of Demonkind and seize the full power of the church for himself.

We also learned about the badass lesbian Warrior Nun from 1942 who was sent to the camps by the Nazis for being a lesbian and tears through a bunch of them when they attack her for being who is and after tapping into her rage she slaughters them all. It seems like a nice story that fits into the badass warrior women mythos the show creates but, it’s so much more than that. It is also the key to Ava getting the power up she needs to phase through a 20-foot wall, even in this moment and scene, not a line is wasted and every word pushes the story forward.

The Enemy of My Enemy: Ava and her gang of Rogue nuns and soon to be defrocked priest spark a deal with Arq-Tech in exchange for training space and help to locate the tomb under Vatican City, in exchange for the bones to power the Doc’s machine and help her son.


Guess Who’s Back: Lilith is back from the dead and roaming the halls of the Cradle where she comes across her memorial and overhears the new nuns talking about burning “the traitors”. It’s kind of refreshing when she shows up at Arq-Tech looking for Ava and it looks like she’s on their side but, she’s got that glowy thing in her wound and we have no idea how this is going to affect the final battle.

We also get to see a face to face Warrior Nun chat between Ava and Shannon where they talk about the burden of the halo and loneliness that comes from wielding the power alone.

Father Bad Ass: WTF, you could tell in his eyes that Father Vincent had seen and possibly done some things but, when he revisits an old friend from his pre-collar days and breaks a tank-like bodyguards hand in one move, you know it and you’re here for it. After hearing about his life before he found the OCS, I kind of want a prequel series about just Vincent!

Called It: Sister Beatrice is “atoning” for being a lesbian. I didn’t see it coming but, I also saw a bit of a spark when Ava and her locked eyes in the last episode, and I wanted it to be so. It looks like we’re going to get a bit of bisexual representation, Ava, to go with the lesbian representation, Shannon and Mary, without the stigma and I’m here for it!

Overall: For a show based in religious mythology, history, and the duplicity and sexist nature of the Catholic church this show manages to tell a believable and easy to follow story with a clever and easy to follow plot. The writers tell a compelling story with a lot of moving parts that somehow don’t become disorientating, get bogged down with extraneous info, or get muddled. The mostly female cast is superb and super talented so, most of the time you forget that it’s a tv show because you feel connected to them. In a show that calls out the church and male supremacy, it’s refreshing that they don’t take a “not all men” approach to soften the blow and rely more on facts and history.  We’re so close to the season finale and none of the episodes have been duds so, I’m not looking forward to this season being over because I know that I’m going to need more.

Rating: 9.1