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Review: Warrior Nun S1E7 “Ephesians 4:22-24”

At the end of episode seven, we watch our two fave nuns, Sister Beatrice and Sister Mary drive off leaving Ava to look over the souls of the small town in their rearview. Episode seven picks up at Sister Lilith’s funeral where some of the nuns are concerned for her soul because she was taken by the Tarask. Sister Mary isn’t giving up hope that Ava will return to the Cat’s Cradle even though Beatrice has some doubts. A slew of regents and possible replacement nuns, show up at the funeral, up to no good and Ava walks herself into Arq-Tech demanding to speak to Dr. Salvius. So basically, the first five minutes of this episode is pure fire and the rest isn’t half bad either.

Working With the Enemy: Ava, somewhat short-sightedly, decides to use Arq-Tech’s resources to find out why/how she can do what she can do. She foolishly tells Dr. Salvius during one of her evaluations that she can heal herself but, not others which I fear might come back to bite Ava in the ass because, healing someone else is the Docs only end game. She also allows her to scan her body which shows her the Halo and I can’t imagine that Arq-Tech will let her keep it, knowing what it can do, especially with time running out for the Doc’s kid. At first I didn’t get why Ava was willing to submit herself to such horrendous torturous tests or why she would have trusted Arq-Tech but, I was also shocked that the Doc let her go without a fight but, in retrospect, it made sense that she would choose the company over the church since the church sent out assassins to get her from the beginning.


Episode MVP: Sister Beatrice, obvi. Every scene that she is in is enhanced by her presence. The fight scene between her and one of the rejected OCS candidates shows her resilience, poise, and integrity. I love watching her campaign the Mother Superior to go against the Cardinal and let her stay in her home. Something about her acting makes even the simplest scenes feel real and casts a line that pulls you in and connects you to her. I know that the writing and direction play a part but, without Kristina Tonteri-Young’s amazing, next-level talent, I don’t think the scenes would garner such an emotional connection. My heart hurt when she is returning her weapons and getting kicked out of the OCS and I love how she kept up her grace in the time of sadness. I also love watching Beatrice, Mary and Vincent try and come up with a plan to take out or down the Cardinal before he gains more power or kills Ava when/if she does come back. In the end, Beatrice comes up with a plan to help Mary but, doesn’t go along in case Mary is wrong about the Cardinal’s end game BUT, it aligns with her character so the writers kept it real. Plus Beatrice is a whole John Wick level BADASS in a fight and I ship her and Ava hard!


The Devil Is In the Details: The Cardinal is staging a full-on coup and tossing every nun in the Cat’s Cradle that would stand against him and not give him the loyalty the feels that he deserves. I love that Sister Mary’s goodbye speech with the Mother calls out the Cardinal’s patriarchal bullshit in a way that could carry over to any conversation in any situation about most men, with sexist leanings, who get a taste of power and don’t want to give it up. The writers manage to make him loathsome in a way where every woman or person of color gets that skin-crawling feeling, every time he speaks.

Overall: There were a lot of storylines to follow in the episode but, they all meshed well together and made sense. I liked the playful banter between Ava and Mary when she stops her from walking into the Cardinal controlled Cradle and his band of loyal, unstable, ultraviolent new nun recruits. I also was really into how Ava trusted Mary enough to phase through a wall for her to uncover Shannon’s final secret and Father Vincent telling Mary about his possible inadvertent hand in her death. We got a Wanted style battle royal between the old nuns and the new nuns and a new recruit to the now exiled and possibly excommunicated warrior nuns from the Cradle and the Cardinals hit squad. There is so much to love about this episode between the intrigues and the fight scenes and the writing and acting and the final convo between the Doc and her dying son, there are only three episodes to go I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up!

Rating:  8.2