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Review: Warrior Nun S1E6 “Isaiah 30:20-21”

Episode six of Warrior Nun, “Isaiah 30:20-21,” opens with an injured and limping Sister Mary searching for Ava who phased away to part unknown after the battle with the demon who took Sister Lilith’s life, leaving JC behind.  She finds Ava and tries to talk her into doing the right thing but, it isn’t until she walks away that Ava follows her and they have a heart to heat that might be the key to getting Ava back on board or maybe giving up altogether, especially when Sister Mary causes Ava to take a fall.

Backstory Bonanza: We find out a lot more about the enigmatic and awesome Sister Mary. Like how her mom is in jail for killing her abusive dad and how because her mom was black she didn’t get off on self-defense. We also learn that not all of the sisters are nuns or devout and Sister Mary’s vows only include the 5th and 8th commandments and Father Vincent gave her something to fight for. I love how Sister Mary gives the best version of tough love and real talk to the woe is me Ava and I’m so here for it and learning everything I can about this “nun” with a shotgun.

The More You Know: While Mary and Ava try and sort their situation out, the sister leads Ava to a safe place that the OCS, lead by Mary and Shannon, saved after an evil eruption. We also learn that Mary and the OCS have eyes, ears and people everywhere but, so do evil forces and Ava’s lack of faith in others might still spell salvation because of her faith in herself. Sister Mary is still anti-Cardinal and doesn’t trust him or his motives and, Ava is tired of only getting the half of the story, especially since the Mary thinks he had a hand in Shannon’s death because he would want a Warrior Nun loyal to him because, (GASP) the Pope is dying! And if that isn’t enough… Dr. Salvius is still on the hunt for Ava with a full team and endless resources. All of this means it’s a good thing that Sister Mary is on hand to show Ava how to remove a demon from a person without killing them because it’s something she should know.

All You Need Is Love: Sister Mary’s driving force is still finding out how Shannon died and doing her best to avenge her and bring whoever is responsible to justice.  This drive is what keeps her on task and allows her to keep trying to protect and teach Ava just how much she’s needed in this fight. She also tells her how to do the job on her terms, as she does and that there is more than one path to being the Warrior Nun so, she should choose hers, or none at all if that’s what she desires. While others would try and make Ava come to heel with power, force, and intimidation, Mary uses empathy, compassion, and love which is why she’s the one who can get through to her.

Best Scene: Watching Ava go toe to toe with her first real demon to save someone using the same cognitive reconditioning that Black Widow used on Hawkeye in the first Avengers movie but, with a big ass slab o’ meat, while Sister Mary shouts spiritual mumbo jumbo for the benefit of the very religious townspeople that are watching.


Overall: This episode is a hero’s journey with Ava and Sister Mary (as her guide & equal instead of the usual stereotypical magical negro)  as they both come to terms with their place in this whole battle. I like that the writers put as much emphasis on each of them and the path they are going to take going forward.  The magical religious imagery is beautiful, the directing is amazing, the cinematography is thoughtful and leads the viewer’s eyes to where they need to go to follow the story. The thing that I love about this episode is that it is a filler episode in the middle of the season’s story arc, any other show would have rested on the goodwill gained by the previous episodes and done something useless or fun but, Warrior Nun and its team chose to add another layer of depth to the characters and their stories. Every episode so far has had a purpose and fulfilled it before the end credits rolled and this one was no exception by the end of it, I felt even closer to Sister Mary than I did at the beginning of the series and I like that no layers are left unpeeled in this show and this is the Buddy Cop Road Trip story that does the series justice.

Rating: 8.8