Review: Warrior Nun S1E4 “Ecclesiasticus 26:9-10”

Warrior Nun

After Ava’s escape from the convent, in her attempt to live her life, she heads out to find JC and her new “friends” unaware that Arq-Tech is after her and they might just turn her in. The squatters are heading to a new, new home and while the others are happy she’s safe and back,  Zori and Randall are not okay with her tagging along causing a fight between Zori and JC that ends with them finding out one possible reason why Dr. Salvius is looking for Ava and since there is no honor among thieves, this leaves Randall with an opening and fully on board with turning Ava in without the rest of the group’s knowledge.

I Need A Hero: In the early moments of the episode Ava attempts to save a drunken young woman she thinks is about to be assaulted by a man in an alley but, it turns out that she was leading him into a trap and Ava ends up stabbed and collateral damage which sours her, on the whole, being a hero thing.  But, it comes full circle when she decides to run off to anywhere with JC but, can’t bring herself to do it when she remembers that if she didn’t kill herself what else could the nun be up to? So, she sets off to save her only friend, young Diego who she fears will meet a similar fate to her original ending if she doesn’t step in and save him.

Called It: In flashbacks, we see how Ava became a sassy badass that she is today and it wasn’t all a bed of roses, more like a crown of nails bestowed upon her by the cruel and sadistic nurse nun who claimed she committed suicide. It’s heartbreaking to watch but, character building and filled to the brim with clever writing and acting. The confrontation leads to admissions that are far more sinister than we might have originally thought and as the nurse attempts to kill Ava again she ends up accidentally dead at Ava’s hands and she embraces Diego who truly believes now that Ava is an angel sent to save him and others.

All You Need is Love: JC risks it all and decides to go on the run with Ava because she has it bad for her and it’s kind of nice and organic. Normally these scenarios lean heavily on damsels in distress and white knights but, their budding romance is more about adventure, attraction, and getting to know each other. Whether they make it through the season or not, I really like how real they keep it and how much agency they give Ava who now has control over her body AND her life.

He Moves In Mysterious Ways: Sister Mary realizes that Sister Shannon may have feared for her life more than she let on and might have something hidden behind the wall in her room, meaning she had to phase to get there, so it must have been something pretty important. The power-hungry Sister Lilith is made a side deal with the double-dealing cardinal who wants her to kill Ava for the halo and the other sisters begin to question the Cardinal’s motives and way of doing things when he sends them on a Dividium heist at Arq-tech.

Overall: This was an amazingly choreographed episode where all the pieces feed into each other and set up things to come perfectly. There were action-filled moments, tender moments that could bring you to tears, romantic moments that seemed authentic and filled with hope, funny moments that bring you joy, and none of these moments, packed into this 45-minute episode, felt out of place. I believed Dr. Salvius’ declaration of war on the church and was concerned by the “Only I know what to do with this power” level of cis white male privilege that the Cardinal exuded in every scene. When Lilith came to call on Ava and tried to take the halo by force at his command in the final seconds of the episode, I couldn’t wait to hit play and get to the next episode!

Rating: 8.9