Review: Warrior Nun S1E3 “Ephesians 6:11”

Warrior Nun

When we last left our heroine, she had been left at a party in a lab by her new housemates and kidnapped by the catholic churches league of demon assassins, Ephesians 6:11 is all about Ava learning about the power her new body mod holds and what is expected of the bearer of the halo.

In The Beginning: Ava wakes up, unable to move and overhears Lilith and Beatrice talking, with Lilith plotting to take the halo out of her even if it means killing her.  The halo makes Ava float above, then phase through the bed she was sleeping on alarming the sisters. As Father Vincent takes Ava on a walk through the churches archive he gives her a history of the halo bearers and their sacred mission, from God, with the help of the angel Adrial’s halo.

The Order of The Cruciform Swords (OCS): So, up until now the badass nun posse has been going by simply “The Order”, in this episode we finally get their full name. Father Vincent shares his theory that the angel Adrial has chosen Ava to wear his halo and the Cardinal agrees to give him one chance to prove it. Ava begins training and Sister Lilith, being super petty, is her sparring partner since abilities are unique to the bearer weapons phase through her and the ones that land she can’t feel which infuriates Lilith and makes me wonder if the person the OG bearer was warning Sister Mary not to trust was Lilith.

History 101: Throughout the episode, Father Vincent teaches Ava about the history of the Order, the Sisters, the halo, and the battle which gives the viewer a very firm dose of the mythology that the series is built on. Considering this a show rooted loosely in Catholic mysticism I liked the push back from Ava, like when she questions why there is no statue of Areala but, there is one of the first priests who had Vincent’s job. I also liked her questioning if she is like Areala, as Vincent keeps saying, then maybe she never wanted any of this either, and maybe having someone else’s will thrust upon her and a foreign object thrust inside her without consent. It is quite possible that, as Ava suggests, that she too was OK with dying, was done fighting, was ready for it and, didn’t like being pulled back to the world of the living.

Didn’t See That Coming:  I wasn’t expecting the Arq-Tech CEO to show up at the squatters next summer home and ask them to rat out Ava if she contacted them. The pop up was unexpected and there was something simultaneously charming AND sinister about her sitting at the dining table eating while waiting for them to essentially break in.

Meet Cute and Deadly: As Ava heads to Father Vincent’s office to learn more about Areala and the Tarask (the demon form that killed the first Halo Bearer) she meets Sister “Shotgun” Mary and immediately likes her, her badass name and her kick-ass vibe.  I see a partnership looming and I am here for the two warriors with the dirtiest mouths and the least amount of f***s , kicking ass, and taking names in the near future. Even

Overall: This isn’t a straight action show, there’s a real story here with good, thought out characters and three episodes in I’m pretty drawn to the show. The writers give us a slow burn that’s worth the fire and while the show isn’t the typical binge-able Netflix fare, from what I’ve seen so far, it is well worth the watch. The religious overtones and explorations of faith and duty are all over the episode but, they’re not heavy-handed nor overreaching. I really like the way they handle the religious aspects of the show by giving both sides and allowing viewers to examine for themselves what they believe. The acting is subtle and at times you forget you’re watching a show because of how well written and expertly acted everything is. There are no weak links or one-note performances in the whole show, no one is a place holder or a stereotype, everyone is nuanced and every performance can hold it’s own against the others making it a technical masterpiece.

Rating: 8.6