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Review: Warrior Nun S1E1 “Psalm 46:5”

Warrior Nun

Netflix‘s latest trek into comic book adaptation series brings us the divine supernatural/action hybrid Warrior Nun. The series starts off with the funeral rites being performed over the lifeless body of a quadriplegic teenager, under the watchful eye of a cruel nun and a sympathetic priest. In an adjacent chamber of the burial catacombs a wounded warrior and her team rush in.

Origin Story Extraordinaire: Ava is resurrected from the dead when an attack happens in the tomb next to where she was being prepared for burial and a fearful nun, in an attempt to save the “halo”, injects the sacred object into her lifeless corpse. Ava is brought back to life with some pretty awesome powers and no idea that the demons that attacked the adjacent tomb are on the hunt for her and the great power that she now possesses. The second in command of the demon-fighting team is tasked by the priest to remove the halo from Ava, even if it means killing her so that they can put it into a worthy vessel and continue their fight.

I Really Liked: Ava visiting her only friend, a young boy named Diego who lived at the orphanage where she grew up and him encouraging her to do everything she wanted to before she died again. She takes his advice to heart and does everything from running, just to run because she can use her legs again to jumping into a pool, taking molly and hitting a night club.

Overall: I found the pilot really compelling and super interesting, even people with no knowledge of the comic book can catch up and take the ride. The premiere episode doesn’t try to shove the mythology behind the story into a single episode, instead, it gets you to learn more about Ava, speculates about how she died, I really don’t trust that nun from the orphanage and get sucked into her new life. The pacing makes it so you find yourself worried about her safety when you realize that the supernatural nun army AND demons are looking for her and she is so caught up in the bliss she has with her newfound, active, life that has no idea about what is coming.

Rating: 8.5