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Top Cow Announces the 2019 Talent Hunt Winners

Top Cow Productions

Top Cow Productions has announced the winners and runners-up for the 2019 Talent Hunt. The semi-annual competition continues Top Cow’s tradition of giving aspiring creatives a hand up, paid work, and the opportunity to work on some of the most iconic characters like The Darkness.

This year’s competition garnered over 500 submissions, Top Cow Talent hunt judge Ryan Cady returned to help Matt and Marc pick the finalists.

The winners and runners-up will join the ranks of industry juggernauts that have reached critical acclaim like Isaac Goodhart (Catwoman), Tini Howard (X-Men), and Stephanie Phillips (A Man Among Ye).

The Top Cow Talent Hunt winners and runner-up in the artist category:

Artist Winner: Gabriele Falzone

About: Gabriele Falzone is a 24-year-old Italian illustrator from Siracusa. He attends the Scuola del Fumetto in Milan. He started his career in 2017 with Gamble, published by ALT!—and illustrated La Rabbia in 2018 through Shockdom.

“I’m truly honored to have been chosen among so many artists from around the world. Thanks to all the Top Cow team for this is a great opportunity!”

Artist Runner-up: Farid Karami

About: Farid is a 26-year-old artist who has worked in animation with the aspirations to work in the comic book industry.

“I still can’t believe it. Thanks to the Top Cow Production team for this opportunity and great honor. I am forever grateful.”

The Top Cow Talent Hunt winners and runner-up in the writing category:

Writer Winner: Adam Breen

About: Adam is a writer from Dublin, Ireland. He has a degree in English and Film. As a writer, he has an ever-increasing pile of comics to read that threatens to consume his home. He enjoys movies and using his bio to say hi to his wife, Hey Sharon!

“I am deeply honored to be one of the winners in this years’ Top Cow Talent Hunt! It was a massive shock that I’m still recovering from! I’m very excited to work with so many talented people and I cannot wait to collaborate with them and help bring the story to life.”

Writer Runner-up: Rob Pilkington

About: Rob Pilkington is an LA-based writer whose comic work is featured in Cloudscape Comics’ Life Finds A Way anthology, Red Stylo Media’s What Fresh Hell Is This? anthology, and a yet-to-be-announced project with TKO Studios. His screenwriting has been recognized in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship semifinals and in Hollywood’s annual survey of buzzy unproduced genre screenplays, The Blood List.

“Even as a starry-eyed 90s kid in my local comic shop, Top Cow was always a boss-level presence. I’m beyond excited to be the Talent Hunt Runner-up and contribute a tiny part to the Top Cow Universe.”

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