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CBLDF Support is Pulled as Brownstein Allegations are Raised


Last week was a very revelatory week when it came to harassment in the comic industry. Three individuals were named over the week. Further discussion of harassment within the industry was raised including the 2006 allegations against current Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Charles Brownstein.

Numerous creators took to Twitter to say they were pulling support or denounced the organization for the lack of action concerning Brownstein. In full disclosure, we have been members and supporters of the organization but are also adding our voice of no longer doing so until change comes.

Things kicked off when writer Jennifer de Guzman shared the 2006 article from Comics Journal that details the assault that occurred between Brownstein and creator Taki Soma.

Numerous creators then took took to Twitter retweeting the piece and saying they were pulling support and others saying they had already done so.

Soma spoke up as well stating there were other victims.

Mike Scigliano, who served as CBLDF deputy director, came forward, Tweeting that he’d been harassed by Brownstein. Scigliano’s Tweet would indicate not only an issue with Brownstein but the entire board of the organization.

In 2006, in response to the event the CBLDF hired an outside firm which then made recommendations for Brownstein remain in his position. We’re told that he did indeed meet all of those requirements according to sources.

The CBLDF is an organization focused on free speech issues and has had some recent controversies including their support of graphic novel publisher/distributor Simon & Schuster after threats of boycott related to bigot Milo Yiannopoulos. There’s been a lot of chatter of an antiquated organization not up for modern times.

The organization is made up of a board of industry professionals and supported by donations and corporate sponsors and retail members.