TV Review: Snowpiercer S1E6 Trouble Comes Sideways


With justice not found in the previous episode of Snowpiercer, where does the train go from there? The opening moments of the episode are interesting showing a mechanical issue for the train but also setting up a strike due to the injustice. It shows the dichotomy of the train in that it’s inequality within a system that requires all to work together. It’s an interesting situation in that the system has to find a balance to work and everyone is in it together but a small set live comfortably off the work and suffering of others. It’s a microcosm of capitalism and our current socio-political spin. “We’re in this together” when only a few benefit.

The episode dips its toes too into unionization and strikes. Melanie threatens to break it by sending those who do to the tail. She sees the tail as leverage to keep those not there in line. The investigation into protest too shows off the corruption of the train’s police echoeing the real world.

The truth about Wilford also spreads as Andre spreads what he found out. The truth about the imprisonment too is dicussed describing it as “North Korea tucked away in second class.” Where Andres goes is interesting as we get to see cracks in higher classes and the tailies gaining allies. The decision may not be completely altruistic and more for one’s own survival but it points to the order being surface deep.

The episode gets interesting further as it throws in aspects of the surveilance state. A question hangs as to why some individuals are highlighted and Melanie delivers a reason why but it’s unknown how truthful she is. She is the one keeping Wilford’s secret afterall.

And finally, the episode really dives into disaster distracting the masses. The train is teetering on collapse due to malfunction. It of course survives leading to celebration. Much like Presidents starting wars or blaming others, it’s a momentary distraction from the grievances of the masses. It shows Melanie is more than capable of creating the narrative to muddy the seeds of revolution.

The episode is an interesting one as it builds off the previous arc and shows the various obstacles that stand in the way of equity and revolution.

Overall Rating: 7.95