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It’s Hellboy vs. The Zodiac Killer as Ron Perlman Challenges Ted Cruz to a Wrestling Match

As if politicians couldn’t sink any lower, actor Ron Perlman has been in a Twitter fight with Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Senator Ted Cruz.

Things started after Gaetz made a comment about Perlman playing a racist on Sons of Anarchy, not realizing this is what actors do, they play horrible people. We’ll chalk this up to Gaetz probably drinking again.

We feel bad for the staffer who has to explain what an actor is and that what he’s watching on tv generally is not real.

Ted Cruz stepped in challenging Ron Perlman to wrestle Jim Jordan, who you might know for helping cover up sexual abuse at Ohio State. Yes, Ted Cruz is such a tough guy he offered up someone else to fight.

Hiding behind someone else didn’t go unnoticed by Perlman.

Perlman then countered that he’d rather wrestle Ted Cruz and kick his ass upping Cruz’s $10,000 towards charity to $50,000 towards charity.

Yes, this is where 2020 politics stands.

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