Review: Discombobulated: Therapy Sessions Part 4


Leaders come in all shades and colors. There are those understanding people but cannot lead those individuals to do work. Then there are those who understand through discipline, as I used to see in the military, where they think that you should listen to them because of their position. Transition to civilian life often is difficult for these people as they soon find out that ordinary citizens could care less for who they were and definitely not for who they are.

Then there are those whom we call “non- confrontational politicians”. These people tend to often cower at the first sight of standing up for anything. Needless to say, they often make horrible supervisors but are rampant in every workplace one can think of. In the sixth story arc of the hilarious and relevant Discombobulated, we find that our protagonist hates confrontation, a flaw which has caused him more damage in his personal life.

We find David back at his therapist’s office talking about how his latest relationship with Annie. It seems to be a pattern of looking for toxic partners. He divulges that he faked his own death to get out of his relationship with her. David’s therapist brings to light the fact that his recent act of faking his own death reveals a substantial fear of confrontation. By story’s end, David’s therapist shows him that though Annie traumatized him that it also paralyzed his social life.

Overall, an intriguing chapter which shows just how much of a drain relationships can be. The story by David F. Walker is interesting and amusing. The art by DJ Parnell is outstanding. Altogether, a story that shows the scars relationships leave long after they are over.

Story: David F Walker Art: DJ Parnell 
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy