Review: DCeased: Hope at World’s End Chapter Two

DCeased: Hope at World's End Chapter Two

Wow. Just wow. DCeased: Hope at World’s End Chapter Two is a phenomenal issue that is full of tough choices and tragedy. The digital series shifts its focus on to Kahndaq and how Black Adam is dealing with the infection in his country. As a dictator, his action is swift, fierce, and tragic in many ways.

This digital series tells the story of some of what happened as the Anti-Life Equation sweeped the world creating a mass of destructive zombies. While heroes did what they could to save individuals, others took different routes and this is one of those tales.

Writer Tom Taylor delivers brutal action as Black Adam takes action not only shutting down a main path of transmission but also swiftly dealing with those infected and those that might be infected. It’s the actions of a dictator totally focused on logic and devoid of heart. Taylor delivers that aspect of heart as some of the world’s heroes plead with Black Adam to take in refugees and together they can help protect what’s left of humanity.

Taylor uses that to explore Black Adam’s actions and allows him to reflect upon his decision. In just a few pages we get to see a person reflect on their decisions and the impact. We see Black Adam question turning away help. It’s an interesting read as we not only reflect on the inept response to the spread of COVID-19 but also the brutal action being taken by elected officials and the police attacking protestors. It’s hard to not compare the entertainment and the reality.

The art by Renato Guedes is amazing. With color by Rex Lokus and lettering by Saida Temofonte, the art nails the tone of every scene. From the opening action, to a tense confrontation with other heroes, the art really captures the moment adding excitement, tension, and eventually sadness. The colors pop and lettering really captures the tone of each conversation and statement. This is a comic whose art, dialogue, and story is perfectly in sync.

DCeased: Hope at World’s End Chapter Two is an amazing second chapter that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. It’s beyond fantastic and a hit me out of left field. While some might be predictable, it doesn’t lessen the impact. This is an issue you can pick up and read on its own. It’ll suck you in and have you wanting more of this quality.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Renato Guedes
Color: Rex Lokus Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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