RZA’s 36 Chambers Team with Devil’s Due Comics to Develop Samurai in a Hoodie

House of Logic and 36 Chambers have found a publisher for their new comic book project, Samurai in a Hoodie, in Devil’s Due Comics. House of Logic, Co-Founded by Artist Glyph Sputnik, and 36 Chambers, co-founded and operated by Wu-Tang’s RZA will be working with Devil’s Due founder Josh Blaylock to develop Samurai as a 360 degree brand featured in comics, music, apparel, and entertainment.

Samurai explores themes of being a loner and outsider while surrounded by millions of people in an urban metropolis, the humor it sometimes takes to survive in the inner city, and intense, supernatural martial arts action from cover to cover.

Sputnik, whose comic combines classic American Comics, Manga, and Afrofuturism, is joined by co-collaborators Nikiya Price (Sputnik’s Co-Founder and sister, hailing from the worlds of academic publishing and product development), RZA, Mustafa Shaikh – Co-Founder of 36 Chambers, and Amby Warhol – Chicago based creative and Editor at House of Logic.

In the wake of Covid-19, a release date has not yet been set for the comic book series, but an inaugural release is planned for late Fall, with production well underway.

Samurai in a Hoodie