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Source Point Press Drops Diamond to Go “Direct” to Retailers Through Corner Box

Source Point Press

Source Point Press has announced that they are dropping Diamond Comic Distributors instead going “direct” to retailers using Corner Box.

Corner Box is a new distributor in comics spinning out of D6 Publisher Resources. Their website launched in April of this year. D6 Publisher Resources is a Canadian company that’s a marketplace/digital store for publishers to retailers primarily focused on the board game community. They’re taking this model that’s worked for the game industry and are applying it to comics.

The decision by Source Point Press came from the current shakeups going on within the industry and pressures on distribution created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The publisher never quite makes clear what issues this new distributor resolves.

Along with Source Point Press, Red Stylo Media and Scout Comics are also listed on the Corner Box website.

Retailers will order product “directly” through their Corner Box store. The orders are fulfilled by Corner Box.

You can read Source Point Press’ full statement online.