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Review: Yeahaw Blue #1

Yeahaw Blue #1

Mathew McConaughey is one of those actors whose presence on screen is both captivating and powerful. People get caught up in how striking he is but that is not what has made him who he is. He’s a true actor, whose ability to become the character is something to watch.

One of my favorite movies of his is Reign Of Fire. In the movie, he plays a dragon hunter, whose job is to kill these very creatures that have ravaged the world to the point of an apocalypse. In the debut issue of a dystopian future where monsters rule, we get Yeehaw Blue, and only a specific set of people can save the world.

We meet Reya Moonstone, who lives in Coralle, and is plagued by creatures known as Teras, whose only goal was bloodshed. As the world turned to ashes because of these beings, a sect rose, known as Rangers, who are trained to defend humankind and kill these beings every chance they get. As Reya gets reprimanded for her performance at the Valant Academy, where the Rangers get trained, her headmaster appeals to her, as he knows she misses her grandfather, a legendary Ranger. By the issue’s end, she gets kicked out of the academy, but not before a Teras attacks her outside of the school, leaving her future truly uncertain.

Overall, an interesting character that you will be more than happy to dig into, as Danielle’s life is little bit more than complicated. The story by the creative team is out of the ordinary. The art by Shay Jones is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that is more than your typical.

Story: Shay Jones, Johnny O’Bryant, Marcus Johnson and Corey Mikkell
Art: Shay Jones
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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